Besty AI

About us

Besty is an AI startup founded by a property manager with 30+ listings, an AI scientist from Yale, and an all-star team of software engineers.

Besty’s mission is to automate guest messaging and unlock more revenue for hosts with AI. Hosts love Besty so much that usage has been doubling every 2 weeks.


Airbnb Superhost

Grew from 2 to 36 listings in 8 months


Yale Computer Science

10+ years experience in AI engineering

Backed by leading AI investors, including: the cofounders of Covariant, Kaggle, Bonsai, Higher One, and Amobee; the directors of the AI labs at Berkeley and Stanford; and Christopher Manning, one of the most cited AI natural language processing (NLP) researchers in the world with 200,000+ citations that helped make technology like ChatGPT possible.

Invest in cutting-edge AI.

We’ve all seen how fast AI is improving. You have more than enough on your plate, let alone trying to keep up with the latest and greatest AI models.

Besty is the most sophisticated AI guest messaging tool for STRs:
  1. AI that processes past messages for summaries, drafts, responses to offers, tasks, etc.
  2. Vector database that indexes and stores data on your listings
  3. AI that constantly improves the tone and wording based on what edits our users make

We pride ourselves on always being up-to-speed on the latest AI models (Google Bard, Llamma, Anthropic, GPT, etc.).

Although our team is always happy to explain the fine details of how our AI engines work, we’d like you to focus on what you do best, and trust Besty as your market-leading AI partner.

Still not convinced?