Besty AI

Guest messaging on autopilot

"Besty AI has become our business's Bestie. It is a great compliment our staff, provides more consistent responses, keeps our OTA platform response rates up and helps upsell open nights."

Sarah Watson, Owner @ Rent in Myrtle - Powered by LYAIZE

112 listings

"Sam, Aarlo, and the whole team at Besty have really impressed me with the way they work together, build a product operators actually want to use in their day to day, and have been able to build real connections with their customers and partners."

Wil Slickers

Founder @ Hospitality.FM

"Besty has been a gamechanger for our operation. Their product is great, and they’re building a community of operators around the world who want to leverage AI in their STR business."

Mike Tanner, Owner @ Intrepid BnB

23 listings

"As an early adopter of Besty AI, I’ve seen immediate improvements in my operation. Thanks to its time-saving guest messaging and ‘orphan night’ feature, I booked an extra 3 nights within the first few days, boosting my revenue effortlessly."

Maxx McKenna, Founder @ Mckenna Lodging

14 listings

"Sam and the Besty team have been fantastic. There software is allowing us to streamline our systems and saving a considerable amount of time. Their additional features are allowing us to boost our revenue without taking up too many of our resources. I look forward to working with them to help streamline and grow our business in the future."

Oliver Jones, Director @ Juniper Rentals

20 listings

Instant Integration

Besty AI drafts guest messages for your team to tap & send directly from your PMS inbox.

Fill gap nights

Besty automatically messages guests to fill up unused gap nights between bookings. So without doing any work, you book an average of 1.4 more nights per listing per month.

AI-generated tasks

Besty’s AI reads through guest messages and finds tasks for your team to handle.

The best AI responses

Your voice, your data, 100% accurate. There’s no point unless the AI is better than humans at responding.

No app to manage

Besty integrates directly into your PMS inbox via a Chrome extension. Your team can instantly adopt AI messaging right into your existing workflow.

Zero onboarding time to go live

We mean zero. Nothing to input, no buttons or toggles to go through. Literally just connect your API and watch Besty immediately start drafting insanely high-quality messages.

New features launched weekly

Our Slack group chat is where our users request new features, chat directly with the Besty founders, and connect with other high-performing STR operators.

Autonomous data syncing

Other AI messaging tools require endless copy-pasting from your PMS or knowledge base.
Besty doesn't need any manual data import. It continuously scans message templates, saved responses, PMS data, and every single past conversation with every guest across each of your listings.
This means there's no setup required.

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